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Remote is an artists' book by Andrew Huot and Wilson Allen

Remote looks at the shared experience of self-isolating and working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic by journaling and mapping our everyday experiences. These daily activities create vignettes or scenes that show how common experiences such as dealing with a fallen tree or power outage, break the monotony of staying in a restricted place like our home.

Both artists came to this book from their natural approaches to making art, mapping, and mark making in space. The mapping explores our limited environment while combining the graphic marks with words that illustrate the tasks and feelings of our daily experiences. Curving text helps convey movement and prompts the reader to reorient the book as they read. The use of pencil for the text and imagery relate to journaling and writing notes, as well as being an impermanent mark that could change or be removed from our memory of place.

Made of paper, color pencil, graphite, ink, cloth, and board.

Edition of 2.